General Terms & Conditions

Soulmates – Psychological Support
General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy according to the German Non-Medical Practitioners Act (Heilpraktikergesetz)


§1 Application of the General Terms and Conditions and Contracts

1. The general terms and conditions (GTC) accepted by both parties regulate the terms and conditions between the psychological counsellor / therapist and the client as a consulting contract in the sense of §§ 611 et seq. BGB (German Civil Code) unless otherwise agreed in writing between the contracting parties.

  1. The contract is concluded when the client accepts the general offer of the psychological counsellor/therapist and contacts him for the purpose of advice and support.
  2. The psychological counsellor / therapist is entitled to refuse cooperation without giving reasons. Both the psychological counsellor / therapist and the client may terminate an existing contract at any time without giving reasons. In this case, the fee for the benefits incurred up to the rejection of the counselling / treatment that have been booked in advance shall remain unaffected.

§2 Content of the treatment contract / counselling contract

  1. The psychological counsellor / therapist provides his services to the client in such a way that he / she applies his / her knowledge and abilities for counselling / treatment and support of the patient / client.
  2. The psychological counsellor / therapist is entitled to use the methods which correspond to the presumed will of the client, unless the client makes a decision on this. The psychological counsellor / therapist uses methods that are generally not fully recognised and scientifically proven. A subjectively expected success of the client can not be guaranteed.

If the client rejects the use such methods and wishes to be counselled or treated only according to scientifically recognised methods, he has to explain this to the psychological counsellor / therapist.


  1. The psychological counsellor / therapist provides his services in different settings.
    A face-to-face treatment / consultation lasts 60 to 120 minutes. Deviations from this are to be agreed upon.


  1. The work of a psychological counsellor / therapist does not replace an examination / treatment by a medical doctor. The client is requested to seek treatment from a medical doctor in the event of complaints regarding a medical condition.


§3 Client participation

There is no formal obligation for the client to participate actively. In most cases, however, a successful counselling / therapy is only possible with the active participation of the client. This applies in particular to the provision of necessary information as a basic prerequisite for counselling as well as advised and / or necessary medical examinations.

§ 4 Remuneration of the Psychological Counsellor

  1. The psychological counsellor / therapist is entitled to a fee for his services. Unless otherwise agreed, this fee is based on the rates of the psychological counsellor/therapist’s price list, which can be viewed on the website.2. The fees are to be paid by the client in cash after each treatment upon receipt of a receipt or in advance by bank transfer. Upon conclusion of the counselling relationship, the client will receive an invoice upon request. Discounted hourly packages are to be paid in advance. Prepaid sessions that have not yet been scheduled are to be held within 12 months, unless otherwise agreed.

§5 Confidentiality of treatment

  1. The psychological counsellor / therapist treats the data of his / her clients confidentially and only provides information regarding a diagnosis, the consultations and their accompanying circumstances and the personal circumstances of the client with the client’s express written consent.
  2. Paragraph 1 shall not apply if the psychological counsellor / therapist is obliged by law to disclose the data – e.g. reporting in the event of imminent danger – or is obliged to provide information by official or court order. This also applies to information provided to custodians, but not to information provided to spouses, relatives or family members. Paragraph 1 shall also not apply if personal attacks take place against him or his professional practice in connection with the counselling, support or diagnosis and he can exonerate himself with the use of accurate data or facts.


  1. The psychological counsellor / therapist shall keep records of his services (hand file). The client is not entitled to inspect this file; he cannot demand the publication of this file. Paragraph 2 remains unaffected. If the client requests a consultation file, the psychological counsellor shall prepare it from the file on the basis of the actual time spent, subject to costs and fees.

§6 Severability clause

Should individual provisions of the General Terms and Conditions / of the

treatment contract/counselling contract shall be or become invalid or void, the validity of the contract as a whole shall not be affected thereby. The invalid or void provision shall rather be replaced in free interpretation by a provision which comes closest to the purpose of the contract or the will of the parties.