Therapie und Coaching bei Beziehungsthemen


Soulmates - Psychologischer Support | Here you will find questions and answers about Soulmates‘ psychological counseling, coaching, and therapy.

Soulmates offers psychological counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy (according to the Healing Practioner Act, a German law regulating alternative medicine practitioners). Unlike traditional psychotherapy covered by statutory health insurance, the concept of psychological support is designed to provide fast and flexible assistance in acute situations, even without the presence of a mental illness.

In terms of content, this means providing support and stabilization during acute stress, addressing specific issues in a targeted manner, and having the flexibility to determine the depth and extent of exploration in various areas of life. Therapeutic methods are employed in a flexible and targeted manner based on your individual needs. Appointments can be arranged at short notice and can take place multiple times per week or at larger intervals. Each session lasts not just 50, but 60 minutes.

The difference between coaching and therapy lies in their focus: coaching targets individuals who are generally mentally healthy, while therapy addresses specific mental health conditions or illnesses. Counseling, on the other hand, tends to provide knowledge and guidance on specific topics or issues.

Both coaching and therapy provide a framework for personal development, guided by the therapist or coach, with the aim of exploring new perspectives, developing skills, and finding solutions. The trusting relationship between the client and the therapist or coach is often a crucial factor in this process.

If you’re unsure about what you currently need, we can discuss and provide guidance during our conversation.

No, Soulmates is not funded through statutory health insurance. However, being a self-payer and thus not having a psychiatric diagnosis in the medical records of the health insurance can have advantages, such as in terms of civil service employment, life insurance, sickness benefits insurance, private health insurance, etc., as well as in terms of flexibility in the format, location, and duration of support.

This is further explained here.

Some private health insurance policies or supplementary insurances may cover the costs (partially) for psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktikergesetz (German Alternative Practitioners Act).

No, the need can be flexible. However, session packages can be beneficial in terms of content and cost-effectiveness.

Support can be provided within 48 hours of the request for an initial consultation, either in person or over the phone. Please indicate the urgency of your request when making the inquiry. Typically, the start of the support can be arranged within a week.
In case of an acute suicidal or psychotic crisis, please seek immediate assistance from the Berlin Crisis Service or the emergency department of a hospital.

We are typically available for you from Monday to Friday. Some Soulmates colleagues also offer appointments on Saturdays.

Currently, we are only located in Berlin – Neukölln. However, counseling via phone or video call is possible from anywhere, as long as it is for counseling or coaching purposes. For the treatment of a mental illness, face-to-face appointments are initially required. 

No, seeking psychological help does not necessarily mean that you are mentally ill. Psychological assistance can be helpful in many challenging life situations. The boundaries between being healthy and being ill are often fluid. Seeking early relief and acquiring knowledge can be a good preventive measure. We can also assist you in assessing your health situation. Even if you have a therapeutic need, you are in experienced hands with us.

Yes, that is possible if it is a counseling session.

SOUL represents the soul/psyche, and MATE represents someone friendly by your side.